Company Formation and Administration

Maltese companies are regulated by the Companies Act, Chapter 386 of the laws of Malta. A company in Malta comes into existence once it is registered in the Registry of Companies. The Registry of Companies is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority which boasts a highly acclaimed reputation in the international sphere. Maltese Law provides a swift and efficient mechanism for company formation and this may be done in a very short time frame. In addition to this Malta offer's other advantages such as low professional and Government fees. A company incorporated in Malta is deemed to be a resident and domiciled in Malta and thus would be taxed according to the laws of Malta, irrespective of the fact that the company may be operated and/or controlled from another country. AEGIS Corporate Services guarantees its client's the attention they require in a timely and cost effective manner. The team at AEGIS have vast knowledge and experience in the field of commercial law and thus can guarantee your satisfaction with their services. The services of AEGIS are not limited to the setting up of a company and also extend to the management of companies set up by foreigners not residing in Malta. The Maltese jurisdiction offers a very favourable taxation schemes with regards to companies including tax refunds and double taxation agreements, AEGIS is readily available to help guide its clients through the taxation process.