I Gaming

Following the introduction of the Remote Gaming Regulations (LN. 176 OF 2004), which revamped the Remote Gaming Regulations and the upgrading of Malta's internet cable links with main land Europe, Malta has become a leading remote gaming jurisdiction which provides a stable political atmosphere and a well regulated environment. Malta was the first country within the European Union which regulated i gaming, and parliament decided to focus its energy to create a regulated, transparent and efficient mechanism for the industry. This together with several other advantages which the Malta has to offer has put the Island in the pole position. It is estimated that Malta hosts around 10% of the world's online gaming companies. Malta offers very attractive fiscal regimes; gaming taxes differ according to the type of license acquired. Furthermore investors may avail themselves of tax advantages relative to Maltese companies. A Remote Gaming Council was set up in 2005 which aims at giving the opportunity for all Maltese remote gaming licensees to express their opinions and concerns with regards to the industry. This council keeps the industry alive by meeting new challenges and needs of the industry. At AEGIS Corporate Services we pride ourselves with our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. AEGIS Corporate Services does not only offer legal advice or assistance while obtaining a license, we will also assist in setting up a company, finding the premises, employment contracts and all other needs that may arise. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service tailor made to their needs.