Registration of Ships & Yachts

Malta boasts one of the leading Ship Registries in the world. The success Malta has achieved in this industry is due to a well balanced structure of maritime services and fiscal incentives coupled with the Government's desire to promote the industry and thus providing attractive benefits to ship owners. The Maltese ship registry includes all types of ships including oil rigs, pleasure yachts and passenger cruise ships amongst others. Malta offers a flexible Registry which does not impose many restrictions. AEGIS Corporate Services will assist its clients in all the stages of registration. Our services do not end there; the team at AEGIS will continue to be available to assist in all matters subsequent to registration. AEGIS Corporate Services offers advisory services in all areas related to ship registration which include leasing regimes, taxation structures amongst others. Our lawyers at AEGIS Corporate Services have vast experience in the field of ship registration under the Maltese flag as well as with registering ships owned by companies which are managed or administered in Malta. The formation of a Maltese company is a clear-cut task which can be completed in a short time.