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The Malta Business Registry (MBR) is set to introduce an innovative online platform in the coming months. To ensure a seamless transition from the previous system to this newly launched platform, the system has been made available on the 31st of August, offering the following key features:

• Facilities for registering corporate accounts

• Application processes for obtaining a qualified digital signature

Corporate Account Registration: Companies are required to appoint an administrator who will oversee the creation and management of the corporate account. This administrator will also be responsible for managing users associated with the corporate account. Varied levels of user access can be assigned within the group, allowing users to maintain personal top-up accounts while being linked to a corporate group account. The primary benefit of the corporate group account is the ability to reserve names within the same group for new company incorporations.

Qualified Digital Signature: Users can now apply for a qualified digital signature, valid for three years. This signature is suitable for submitting documents via the online platform and for personal use.

The Malta Business Registry encourages Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) and the general public to create their accounts on the new platform and take advantage of the mentioned services before Sunday, 15th October.

The platform can be accessed via In the meantime, the current online platform, will remain accessible. Any documents previously returned for correction by MBR are to be submitted by Sunday 17th September. Starting from 1st November, online filing for company registrations, statutory forms, name reservations, payment of penalties, and certificate orders will no longer be available.

CSPs and the general public can still submit documents in paper format or electronically sign and send documents to Additionally, services like company searches, document downloads, and access to beneficial owner information will only be purchasable by credit card starting Wednesday, 1st November.

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